Equipping to Excel


EQUIPPING TO EXCEL is a self awareness guide for equipping one to face challenges at work front or at home in a better way and become a formidable individual to start leading. More so who will never feel miserable for actions, as he/she has already taken responsibility for it?
Effective ways to move from Retrograde to Stellar performances.

Book answers many of your questions such as following:
* Do I know myself well?
* Am I good at Learning, Understanding Personal Growth and Time Management?
* Have I been doing at managing my resources?
* Do I have Leadership qualities?
* Can I use Listening and appropriately Speaking as powerful tools?
* How do I use Pygmalion in management, understand my team members better and build a formidable team?
* How do I become person in high demand?
* How do I become a real professional?
* Have I been ignoring my health?
* How to become physically excellent within tight schedules?
* Am I socially responsible person?
* How do I always stay positive?
* Could I have useful tips to progress meaningfully?